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Natural and organic almonds is what we do. Billings Marketing provides every variety and grade of brown skin and blanched almonds. We sell CCOF certified Organic almonds. Below is a general list provided by the Almond Board of California showing different varieties, grades and forms.

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Almond Varieties

USDA Grades

AYO Almondmilk Yogurt

From farm to spoon, from our family to yours

We love and nurture our organic almonds, then we turn some of them into delicious, dairy-free yogurt blended with fruit or vanilla.

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Pacific Almond, LLC is a total Hulling Shelling and Processing Facility.

We are almond farmers, have been for four generations, so we understand your requirements. It is because of our long family history and core values that we are a good partner to help growers receive the highest return. Through our over 20-year history working with growers, we have consistently been one of the industry’s top returning pools. We provide both pool and call pool marketing options.

We can provide any combination of services that our customers require. This can be as minimal as hulling or as thorough as picking the nuts in the grower’s orchard and complete hulling, shelling and processing, including if desired, marketing through our sister company Billings Marketing.

We have the ability to Custom Hull, Shell, Size, X-ray Sort, Laser Sort, Color Sort, Length Thickness Sort, Hand Sort and Pack your Raw Brown Skin Almonds and Inshell. Our inventory control system provides easily accessible up-to-date inventory reports, grower reports and provides accurate traceability of all products. We pack for further processing into 1 metric ton, 50 lb & 25 lb containers for Meats and 50 lb sacks for Inshell, all for different end user customers around the world. After the product leaves the plant it may be used in many ways including roasted, confectionery, blanched, flavored, mixed with other nuts/fruits, sliced, or diced. Pacific Almond makes every effort possible through our HACCP and Food Safety programs to provide a safe and healthy product within the specifications communicated by the end-user.

We strive to build lasting relationships that bring our family, our growers and our customers value. Please contact us with any questions or requests.


Pacific Almond is dedicated to providing the most advanced processes and equipment in the industry. In the Huller/Sheller, we have invested in Pre-Cleaning, Air Separation, Screening, Dust Mitigation and De-Stoner technologies. In the processing side of the business we have state-of-the-art Air Separation, Sizing, Color/Laser/X-ray Sorting, Packaging, and a fully automated Inshell Packing Line with Robot Palletizer as well as Hand Sorting. We are dedicated to continual self-improvement. The combination of technology, education and an in-depth understanding of our products achieve these goals.


Pacific Almond has a wide range of certifications and accreditations including a superior ranking by Almond Hullers and Processors Association for our food safety programs, which enable us to provide a high quality, safe product. We are continually improving our technologies, quality control standards, HACCP food safety and quality programs. We work closely with our suppliers to guarantee the quality and traceability of the product. Our working relationships with our suppliers and customers, our highly qualified staff, and inventory control system allow us to provide the end user with guaranteed traceability, product quality, and food safety.

Below is a short list of Pacific Almonds accreditations, certifications and memberships:

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